Studio Moods

You do not have to look or go far to photograph art, it is right under your nose.  This page is just proof that inspiration is on your doorstep and all you have to do is look.  The most mundane and humdrum subjects can, in the right hands, be transformed into images that are both striking and beautiful - indeed there can be no better way to record the things nearest and closest to us including friends and family which in my case is Mia (my daughter), my six cats and two dogs!  Definitively not just snapshot material.  I am proud to say that most of it is done with Polaroid, film, and some digital.  All photos were taken at the Impact Photography Studio in my free time.  I am currently busy working on this page, please come back soon!

Vintage Morning Mist 4
Bella Mia
Espresso Pots
Jack in his Box
Another Cat
Pasta Face Mia
Cameras and Mia
Cindy in her box (Cat Box)
Mias favourite alarm
Vespa Pizzare!
12 Steps to enjoying pasta
Mia taking our portrait
Mia's favourite wakeup tune
Our Hilliday Bus
Our "Magic Bus"
My journy arount the world
Story in Progress
Mia's Room
Polaroid PX 70 Film
Polaroid PX 70 Film
Morning Mist
Myngenoegen Sun-rise
Morning Mist
Mia Fun
Polaroid PX 70 Film
Vintage Morning Mist
Clouds 1
Clouds with Dove's 1
Clouds with Dove's 2
Clouds with Poles
Mia's Drums
Vintage Morning Mist 2
Vintage Morning Mist 3