Maternity & Newborn

A pregnant lady is probably one of the most beautiful sights to see. I remember back in the day when we were soldiers on officers training in Heidelberg Army Gymnasium, it was tradition then for a soldier to salute a pregnant lady in the street. Reason being, that it could be the next president she was carrying in her belly. As 19-year-old soldiers that time, this was enough reason and permission to come up close with these beautiful ladies and salute them with a smile. The ladies enjoyed it just as much.  There was one occasion when we were on town pass and one of the platoon members saw a pregnant lady across the street, "3o'clock" was shouted and the whole platoon ran across the street, stopping traffic with no thought of personal injury. She was saluted and greeted 30 times! That night we were back in our foxholes, all we had left for the next 30 days until the next town pass was our memory of seeing this goddess, her smile, smelling her perfume and backtracking this image to the song Casta Diva in our minds... Moonlight Sonata is shot with moonlight only, processed in lith developer. I am still waiting authorization to use some of the pregnancy photos...

Warm, Radiant, Beautiful, Alicia
Moonlight Sonata 1 (Shot with full moon)
Moonlight Sonata 2 (Shot with full moon)
Moonlight Sonata 3 (Shot with full moon)
Her belly is as noble as her heart
Born under African sky
Birth is the epicentre of women's power
Birth is a mystery words cant explain
Her Beauty persists