General Information

Covid-19 InformationCovid-19

We are fully COVID 19 Compliant. We do photography sessions every 3 Days in the Studio and every second day at the outdoor studio. After booking your session you will be notified via SMS on all rules and regulations adhering to government regulations. As a photographer I will at all times maintain a 2,8 meter distance by using the most advanced photography lenses on the market. There will be no changing of clothes at the studio. You may add to or remove from your current attire (Jackets, scarfs, jerseys etc.) but change of full outfits in bathrooms will not be allowed as stated by the law.

Bookings and booking deposits:

We can only schedule a booking if a booking deposit is received. We don't take verbal bookings as conformation of a booking in any way. Some of our sessions takes extreme preparations in location and equipment and so we need the guarantee that clients will arrive for their session.

Why Impactofoto studio?

The studio is Safe

We own the property and land and herby control the security. We control the environment and hereby guarantee the outcome of every photo shoot. Flower fields and time is ours. My creative output is important. I know the indoor and studio by heart, I know the light by heart, the reflections on the wall when we shoot indoors and the sunset and temperament of the weather. Even when I close my eyes, I feel when clouds are there. By knowing my surroundings I push myself with new ideas, to excel and not just accept what is generally placed in front of me.

We  Don't trespass and misuse other peoples property.

We also design the outdoor studio to the earths elliptical orbit to accommodate the time and location sun sets during different seasons.

Being on time:

Please read this link as it will guide you and show the appointment of being on time:

Being specific on what you need:

By looking at our website you can get an indication on what we do. We see photography as an art form and an art form that can be very diverse. Please look at our website and indicate what you need so we can make the necessary preparations to accommodate your request.


Rescheduling of sessions will be arranged in case of rain or extreme bad weather.

Security and safety of our clients:

We don't post our clients photos on Facebook or any other social media platform due to security of our clients since 2007. We believe each person should be responsible for his or hers family security. Our website does not link any of our clients details or give out any information of our clients.

We however have measures in place to make our sample photos available sooner so you can post photos on your own social media accounts soon after the photo session.

Snacks and refreshments:

Feel free to bring your own snacks and refreshments as we don't want hunger or thirst to shorten or influence the photo shoot in any way.